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I have a excellent driving record but I have been having trouble with my insurance co. so I got pulled over in Il,no insurance: I had problems with this insurance co. and when I went back to see if I had insurance I did not but I bought some more two days later will it be ok or will I lose my driver lic.

Asked 7 months ago in Speeding Ticket

Robert's answer: In Illinois you are required to have automobile insurance. If the traffic court judge can verify that you have an excellent driving record and if you provide proof that you purchased insurance, even though after the traffic stop, the judge will probably be lenient. It would be helpful if you would be able to establish that the failure to have automobile insurance at the time of the traffic stop was an oversight, ie: that you can establish you had insurance in the past and thought you had paid for insurance which was in effect at the time of the traffic stop.

Answered 7 months ago.

Own construction company had eqip. trailer parked on side of road with orange cones all around it lady did not yield to oncoming: traffic and they hit each others mirrors whos at fault

Asked 7 months ago in Car Accident

Robert's answer: The question is not entirely clear. If the construction trailer was properly parked off of the road and well identified with the orange cones, then it would appear to be properly positioned. A motorist driving on the roadway has an obligation to keep a proper lookout.

Answered 7 months ago.

I had surgery this year in august and was approved by my medical group then after my surgery and started therpy was told i was: dropped from my medical group without any explanation. so what do i do and do i have any rights. are my medical rights violated as a patient.

Asked 8 months ago in Personal Injury

Robert's answer: It is difficult to provide a response without more information. Based on the limited description you have provided I would recommend that you consult an attorney. and review in detail the circumstances of your medical treatment and when/how the insurance approval was obtained. You would need to bring a copy of the insurance policy as well as all correspondence relating to the notification of the surgery and approval, as well as all correspondence related to the apparent termination.

Answered 8 months ago.