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A contract is the building block of business.  In most cases, the parties to a contract perform their duties without incident.  But when contract problems arise, the Chicago contract attorneys of Shipley Law Group are here to help.

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The best way to avoid a contract dispute is to have a solid contract drafted by a skilled business attorney.  The attorneys of Shipley Law Group provide sound legal advice throughout the course of major business transactions.  Our business attorneys advise clients during negotiations, drafting, performance, and the many disputes that may arise.  Whether you are dealing with a contractor who is refusing to pay or perform contractual obligations, or another business is accusing you of violating a contract, a seasoned Chicago contract attorney on your side can prevent a dispute from getting out of hand.

Solutions designed to fit your needs

We at Shipley Law Group realize that business owners need flexibility in settling contract disputes and that a lawsuit is not always the best option.  Even the most reliable contractors can periodically default on their obligations and one misstep should not destroy a long and beneficial business relationship.  Often, you want to protect your contractual rights but still maintain a future relationship with a generally reliable contractor.  In this type of situation, negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution can be an effective way to amicably resolve contract disputes without resorting to the court system.

Some contractors can turn out to be trouble from the start, undermining the agreement at every opportunity.  When difficulties arise, you need to send an early message that you expect a contractor to meet the full terms of the agreement.

A Chicago business attorney from Shipley Law Group provides the flexibility a business owner needs.  Our lawyers are seasoned litigators but are also experienced in various forms of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.  A Chicago contract lawyer from Shipley Law Group can help you avoid the expense and strain on business relationships that litigation can cause—while also being prepared to go to court if necessary to protect your interests.

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Our clients trust us to make legal sense out of every business process, from Chicago's Loop to emerging business capitals throughout the state of Illinois .  Write, call, or visit our business firm in Chicago for legal consultation that steers you clear from legal confrontation.

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