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When you have a dispute arising from your construction project, hiring an experienced Chicago construction attorney is of the utmost importance.  The Shipley Law Group can offer you trustworthy legal advice on how proceed with your case.

Below are the professionals we most often represent:

  • Suppliers
  • Subcontractors
  • Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Owners
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Construction managers
  • Manufacturers
  • Design professionals
  • Builders risk insurers
  • Sureties
  • Construction lenders
  • Material suppliers


Additionally, a Chicago construction lawyer at The Shipley Law Group can offer you the following services:

  • Implementing dispute resolution procedures
  • Counseling clients on the management and avoidance of construction claims and disputes
  • Representing design professionals, contractors, and owners in litigation matters
  • Representing clients in construction and engineering cases involving hotels, convention centers, hospitals, and large developments
  • Our construction attorneys in Chicago are skilled at litigating design and construction defects
  • Litigating injury and property tort claims
  • Representing clients in insurance and other coverage claims
  • Litigating and arbitrating construction disputes involving mass torts
  • Representing architects and engineers in malpractice actions
  • Representing clients in federal and state construction litigation claims
  • Representing clients in private construction claims
  • A construction lawyer in Chicago can assist you by negotiating, drafting, and reviewing national and international contracts

Hire Chicago construction attorneys for dispute resolution

The Shipley Law Group is proud to offer several legal services to our clients. Representing a wide variety of professionals, we have the experience, skill, and knowledge you can trust. Come visit us and sit down with one of our talented Chicago construction lawyers. Contact the Shipley Law Group online or by phone at 888-493-8574 .

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