Representing Clients in Insurance and Other Coverage Claims

No matter where you buy insurance or how much you pay, it is unlikely that you and your construction insurer will ever see eye-to-eye about the value of a claim.  Shipley Law Group can help guarantee that your insurer pays claims fairly and promptly.  Our Chicago business law attorneys know how to persuade insurers to pay what they owe under their agreements with your company, and how to negotiate and litigate when insurers do not behave reasonably or fairly.

Failure to investigate or pay a claim in a reasonable time

If your insurer fails to promptly and thoroughly investigate your claim, you may try to preserve evidence for your insurer at the price of expeditiously continuing and completing construction.  And even if your insurer does investigate promptly, it may delay unreasonably in making the payment it owes you under your policy.

In such cases, a Chicago insurance attorney can help keep construction on track and persuade your insurer to honor its contractual obligations.

Failure to defend you if you are sued

Contractors, owners, and others with financial stakes in construction and renovations usually have liability insurance, indemnifying them if they are sued.  Such policies require insurers to defend you against lawsuits arising from construction activity.  Unfortunately, insurers sometimes neglect this duty and leave you to arrange your own defense and find your own Chicago construction lawyer.

Shipley Law Group can both defend you in all construction-related matters and help compel your insurer to defend you itself or to pay for your defense.  Your construction insurer should thoroughly investigate the matter and pay defense attorneys to communicate with the plaintiff and to plan legal strategy.  Under no circumstances should you be left to manage these issues on your own.

Defending you against claims and lawsuits may be the only context in which you and your insurer are on the same side of the issue—both interested in minimizing or avoiding any settlement or verdict—and your insurer has no excuse for not providing the most vigorous defense possible.

Unreasonable denial of benefits or underpaying a claim

Although happy to take your premium money, most insurers are nonetheless reluctant to pay claims in full, or to pay claims at all.  The reason for this is simple: insurers make more money when they pay fewer and smaller claims.  A qualified Chicago insurance lawyer can make a persuasive case to the insurance company that it ought to pay your claim, and pay a fair amount.

Representing the construction industry in insurance disputes

Shipley Law Group has decades of experience representing all players in the construction industry in all manner of disputes.  If your insurer seems reluctant or unwilling to make sufficient and timely payment on your claims, allow a Chicago business attorney from Shipley Legal Group to help resolve the matter in your favor.

Contact Shipley Legal Group today to discuss your the insurance situation of your business.  Submit our online email form, call 312-527-4545, or toll free at 888-493-8574 , or by traveling to our Chicago Loop office—120 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60602.  For immediate attention, email partner and founder Robert A. Shipley, Esq.