Chicago Small Business Attorney

As a small business owner, you do it all.  From handling routine employee issues to struggling with huge liabilities, a great weight always seems to rest on your shoulders.  The Shipley Law Group wants you to know that this weight is no longer yours alone.  When you look for a Chicago small business attorney, you want one who understands your specific needs and concerns.  We know that small business owners and their goals are unique in every aspect, and always tailor our legal services to fit each individual client.

What a small business owner needs

As a small business owner, you are probably used to being independent and self-sufficient.  You would rather handle legal issues on your own than seek legal counsel.  But this can be a mistake.  Tiny problems can explode into huge ones if you are not careful, and it is better to seek legal advice sooner rather than later.  The Shipley Law Group is a cost-effective option when seeking a Chicago small business lawyer.  Whether you are engaged in business formation, contracts, real estate, employee issues, or have taxation questions, we know your business is only as good as its bottom line and we always look for ways to save you time and money.

A Chicago small business lawyer who understands

Your company is not the same as a big business.  You may not have the rigid structure and safety nets that they do.  You are flexible, entrepreneurial, and always enterprising.  You need a small business lawyer who is the same, and looks for solutions that make the most sense for your business.  A one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work: our Chicago business attorneys will ensure we gear our service towards your small business, and help you meet goals as large as you can make them.

Legal solutions for the future with Shipley Law Group

Our clients trust us to make legal sense out of every business process from Chicago's Loop to emerging business capitals throughout the state of Illinois .  Write, call, or visit us for a legal consultation that steers you clear of legal confrontation.

For more information about being represented by a Chicago small business attorney, send an email using our contact page, call 312-527-4545, or call toll free at 888-493-8574 .  For more immediate attention, send an email to [email protected].