Business Transactions in Chicago

Who is overseeing your business transactions?

In Chicago, business deals are made and transactions undertaken almost every working hour of the day.  Many are simple and uncomplicated, while others are more intricate and require additional attention.  But even seemingly simple business transactions can be more complicated than you realize, and have far-reaching consequences. 

The patented equipment you use every day can bring up intellectual property issues when buying or selling a business.  If you are buying a business, contracts that the employees had with the former owner may not apply to you.  You must be very careful to take the necessary steps to protect your Chicago business transactions, both today and for years to come.

Mergers and acquisitions: an example of our service

Although they are common business transactions, mergers and acquisitions can be major undertakings for any business owner.  From structuring the initial deal to minimizing any taxes due, the list of troubles a business owner can run into is endless.  The well-informed construction and business attorneys in Chicago at the Shipley Law Group can help you overcome obstacles such as complying with industry regulations and trademark rights.  From the first to the last step, we make sure your business transactions are sound, sensible, and most importantly, beneficial to you.

We offer protection and guidance for business transactions

Our construction and business law firm in Chicago wants to see your business flourish.  But in order to accomplish ambitious goals, each step of your business transactions must be carefully evaluated.  We encourage you to let us examine the particulars of any new transaction, or consult us quickly in the midst of making a deal.  By letting us help you with the details now, you assure yourself and your business a brighter future.

Legal solutions for the future with Shipley Law Group

Our clients trust us to make legal sense out of every business process from Chicago's Loop to emerging business capitals throughout the state of Illinois .  Write, call, or visit us for a legal consultation that steers you clear of legal confrontation.

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