Construction Liability Law in Chicago

In order to prove Chicago construction liability, you must substantiate that the person who caused your injury acted in a negligent fashion. The construction industry has one of the highest injury rates of any field. While sometimes these injuries are caused by unavoidable mistakes, other times they are caused by careless individuals. If you believe another party is responsible for your injury, contact The Shipley Law Group immediately.

An attorney with experience in Chicago construction liability law can inform you if any of the following individuals are at fault for your injury:

  • Site owner: Owns the construction site. May be liable even if they are not present during an accident.
  • General contractor: The general contractor makes sure the site is safe and is also responsible for hiring competent workers.
  • Subcontractor: According to construction liability law, the subcontractor has the same duties as the contractor but his liability is limited to a smaller area of the site.
  • Architects: Architects may be responsible for design flaws.
  • Equipment manufacturer: The manufacturers are at fault if their products are faulty or defective.

Chicago construction lien law

Under construction lien law in Chicago, a lien provides security to a person who has interest in a piece of property. When a lien is placed on the title of a piece of property, it must be paid before the title can be transferred to another individual. However, in order for you to retain lien rights, you must make sure to file your lien in a timely manner.

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