How Our Lawyers Can Help

Construction workers run a greater risk of injury every time they go to work, more than people employed in other professions.  Most accidents are just that—accidents—caused simply by the difficult, physically demanding nature of the work.  But sometimes accidents result from negligence—by your co-workers, your employer, or an equipment manufacturer.  And sometimes the resulting injury requires and deserves greater compensation than that offered by standard workers compensation.  In these cases, you need a highly qualified construction accident lawyer to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Shipley Law Group, we will aggressively and skillfully prosecute your accident case.  Our Chicago construction accident attorneys understand how insurance companies and defense attorneys think—we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in construction accident cases—and use that inside knowledge to your advantage.

Why to hire a lawyer

No matter how clear-cut your case seems, or how devastating your injuries, you must remember that insurance companies always do everything in their power to avoid paying fair settlements.  If you suffered an injury on a construction site—whether you were a pedestrian passing on an adjacent sidewalk, an architect visiting the building site, or a seasoned construction worker employed on the site—you will need your own lawyer to wrangle the defense lawyers and wrest a fair settlement or a favorable jury verdict from the responsible parties and their insurers.

We know what to look for to build the strongest possible negligence case for you.  Were you given adequate safety equipment?  Were proper safety procedures followed? Were you required to work despite hazardous conditions?  We know Chicago, Illinois , and Federal work safety regulations as well as standard safety practices in the construction industry, and will take advantage of any lapses or violations to help persuade the defense to settle quickly and fairly.

Experience and high-quality legal services

The Shipley Law Group have decades of combined experience providing high-quality legal services to everyone in the construction industry.  After construction accidents, turn to us for personalized, dedicated, and skilled legal representation.  With our in-depth understanding of the construction industry, construction site safety practices and procedures, and all of the regulations governing construction site safety, our Chicago construction accident lawyers are well-equipped to prosecute your case.

Please contact us as soon after a construction injury as possible to arrange an initial consultation about your case. You can get in touch with us by submitting our online email form, by calling 312-527-4545, or toll free at 888-493-8574 , or by traveling to our Chicago Loop office—120 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60602. For immediate attention, email partner and founder Robert A. Shipley, Esq.