Representing Architects and Engineers in Malpractice Actions

At Shipley Law Group, we know that architects and engineers are human and sometimes make mistakes.  But making mistakes does not, in and of itself, equate to professional malpractice.  We know construction industry practices and standards, and are consequently well-equipped to help architects and engineers show that if mistakes were made at all, they did not amount to actionable negligence.

The important difference between mistake and negligence

Everyone makes mistakes.  The difference between a simple mistake and the sort of negligence that will subject you to a malpractice lawsuit lies in whether your mistake could or should have been prevented through the use of your professional judgment, training, and standards.

For example, measurement errors in plans and blueprints that lead to building defects and construction delay can happen to even the most competent, qualified, and meticulous architect.  These errors only create legal liability for the architect when they arose or persisted because the architect neglected to follow professional standards—because the architect drafted while intoxicated, perhaps, or simply failed to review his or her work or subject it to the usual proofing and double-checking.

At Shipley Law Group, our Chicago construction accident attorneys know where to look to find evidence that injury or delay caused by alleged architectural or engineering malpractice in fact resulted from simple, excusable, human mistake.

Interpreting liability insurance in malpractice actions

A key issue in representing Chicago’s architects and engineers in malpractice cases is often the interpretation of the liability provisions contained in their professional insurance.  Insurance companies, all too eager to collect high premiums from professionals, frequently argue that the incidents leading to the claims against the insured do not arise from covered events, or otherwise do not merit the insurer’s expense and effort in defending the architect or engineer.

Each Chicago construction accident lawyer at Shipley Law Group knows how to keep malpractice insurers from denying malpractice defense or indemnification, protecting the continued financial viability your firm.  With almost 100 years of combined experience defending architects and engineers against malpractice allegations, we have had plenty of experience dealing with reluctant or close-fisted insurers and keeping our clients well-covered.

Defending mistakes, preventing malpractice lawsuits

At Shipley Law Group, we know the construction industry.  We have dedicated our professional careers to advancing and protecting the careers of Chicago’s architects and engineers.

If you need a Chicago construction accident attorney to defend you effectively and efficiently against allegations of professional malpractice, get in touch with the Shipley Law Group today to discuss the details of your situations and begin your defense.   Submit our online email form, call 312-527-4545, or toll free at 888-493-8574 , or by traveling to our Chicago Loop office—135  South LaSalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60602.  For immediate attention, email partner and founder Robert A. Shipley, Esq.