Illinois Construction Laws

Construction law in Illinois is complex and difficult to understand. A team of experienced attorneys can explain these laws, assess your situation, and provide the skilled legal guidance you need. With experience in the construction industry, The Shipley Law Group looks forward to assisting you.

Hiring the right Chicago construction law firm can be a trying matter. You should first research and review law firms close to you. Do not choose a law firm simply because their advertisement caught your eye

Additionally, the law firm you choose should have the following characteristics:

  • Experience: This may be one of the most important attributes to look for when searching for a good law firm. An experienced law group understands Illinois construction laws and can provide you with the support you need.
  • Courteous: The firm that you contact should treat you with nothing but respect and dignity. If a law firm fails to show you the courtesy you deserve, move on with your search.
  • Ability to offer alternatives: The Chicago construction lawyer you consider should be able to offer you alternatives to traditional litigation. The firm you choose should have experience with alternative dispute resolutions like mediation.
  • Preparedness: A quality law firm is prepared to deal with even the most complex cases. Additionally, it should be ready to take action on your case immediately, and without delay.

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